A magical ring that is part of Abigael's history. It is said to be able to connect the mind of the user with the wearer of it's counterpart ring. It has only been worn a few times for fear of the consequences:

  • briefly in Week 13 but Abigael did not reveal what she saw.
  • in Week 14 until Abigael became unconscious after a few minutes.  Everything she experienced was explained to the party.
  • in Week 16, Bregor and Yeilla both experimented with the ring. Yeilla confirmed that the prisoners they were seeing were their own people.

Melted and lost forever in the murky waters of Black Water Swamp by the Black Dragon.


A house belonging to Abigael's family was found and searched by Abigael upon the party reaching the town. Inside she had discovered a magical box that she believes was left there for her to find and open.

To open this box, she needed to find a mage that was capable of identifying and breaking the spell. She went to Dalamar after ariving back in town from a mission, who was able to open the box. Upon doing so, he told Abigael that within the box lay a magical ring, one of a set of two.

Dalamar suggested to Abi to not wear the ring, which was listened to up until week 13 after completing his quest.

The party, eager to have Abigael reveal the secrets she's been keeping, push her to finally put on the ring. She described that she had seen a tall figure standing over chained humans and chained elves. It was also mentioned that she felt the anger of someone through the ring before taking it off.

Its counterpart was in the possession of a mountain giant who partook in the slaying of Abigael's family and village.  This was recovered in Week 19 after the battle at Justar's Bay and is now in Abigael's possession.


This ring is supposedly able to psychically link the wearer of one with the wearer of the other, and instantaneously share what the other knows with each other. The ring is described as being "Gold with green jade embeded around it in the shape of intertwining vines. On one side is a turquoise dragon head."

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