The Age of Dreams existed only in an early draft of the world of Solum. You might treat it as if it were all a dream.

The Age[edit | edit source]

0AD – 550AD

In the year 350AD, the archmage Magius (from which we get the term ‘mage’), opened a rift into the abyss through which a host of demons swarmed. What Magius was attempting to do has been lost, although the result was absolute destruction of all life in the Korall mountains. The alliance of elves, humans and dwarves sought to fight off the demons, but were steadily pushed back by the tide of evil. Eventually a band of five emerged. Fighting their way through the darkness, the heroes arrived at the Tower of Magius, sealing the rift, and destroying the demon warlords. Mop up took many more years, but eventually life returned to normal, and peace was restored.

Early in the 6th century, darkness once again spread across the land… but the annals of this particular point in history are lost for the forseeable future… and with that, the threat to the world once again put to rest.

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