For the series set in this time period, see Rollplay Solum: Age of Might.

The Age of Might is the third age is the age in which civilisation rose to great heights, inevitably resulting in conquest which earned it the nickname "The Age of War".

The Age[edit | edit source]

The Ferrin Empire did not live to see it’s 200th birthday, but it set the precedent that law comes first and all people, save kings and high priests, are subject to it. Great magics that once wandered free were chained and focused. Kingdoms were erected and destroyed without pause, giving the Age of Might the nickname, “The Age of War”. Wizards worked in tandem to forge powerful weapons and relics. Fueled by a desire for expansion, for growth, for conquest, humans spread across the land, forever cementing themselves as the most populous race. The products of the age were the great cities of the world, mighty magic items that could only be made with the combined forces of magic, and the crossing of the great desert creating a band of civilization that sweeps from shore to shore of the continent.

Old Version[edit | edit source]

551AD = 1AM

Gone are the carefree days of old, gone is the trust of magic, gone are the old treaties, and gone is the notion of a clear right and wrong. Humans have come out of the Age of Dreams as the dominate force in the world, and now they forge mighty empires that fight back and forth for power. Dwarves have retreated into their mountain hold-fasts and left the surface dwellers to fight over the lands under the sun while they burrow and obsess over the riches of the deep earth.

The elves have found rule under humans to be less than appealing and skirmishes between disillusioned elves and haughty humans spark racial tensions. In 165AM, Kithharah led a great migration of elves out of human lands to an unoccupied island, creating the only elvan kingdom: Syl Quoa Migdoloth – The Land of the High Born.

It is now the year 284AM and we are well into the Age of Might. The empires forged in the Age of Dreams seek to grow their borders, and the smaller more peaceful territories are quickly swept up in the hurry for power. Great Mages craft mighty weapons for Kings, and in an effort to expand their arts, Entropy Magic (also known as Blood Magic or Black Magic) blossoms. White Wizards are trusted, but not respected. Red Wizards are respected, but not trusted. Black Wizards are feared and left to their own devices.

The darkness in humans grows, and a rising population starts to turn in on itself. It’s no longer uncommon, let alone rare, to find human brigands working in concert with Ogres or Hobgoblins. Towns on the edge of civilization find themselves overflowing with half breeds of hideous combinations. All the while, humans turn their eyes towards their neighbors, and turn their backs on the few untamed wilds left.

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