Black Dragon

This terrifying beast stalks Black Water Swamp and the nearby town of Evenfar. At night, it makes an unsettling wailing cry that can be heard for miles by a keen ear.  Bregor was awoken by this one night in the swamp, so the party trudged through the marsh in darkness to investigate.  A wild boa constrictor ambushed Tudagub, nearly choking him underwater.  He was already irritated at Bregor for robbing him of rest, but after that encounter, he was furious and stomped back to their camp.  Had it not been for that, the party would likely have been made into a melted puddle in the face of the great lizard that night.

Dragon vs Bregors Boys

A stunning illustration of Bregor and his boys fighting a dragon


Reports vary about its size. The body and tail are each estimated at about 25-35 feet in length, suggesting that it is a young adult.[1]  It has been spotted destroying the outskirts of Evenfar with its acid breath.  Most speculate that it's trying to carve out a territory of its own.

The dragon lived within a decrepit building in the swamp.  It was later revealed to be juvenile at age 4.

The dragon had 12d8 hp. +11 to attack. 19 AC. +4 to damage.


  • Can strike with its two claws and bite all in one round.
  • Acid Breath every 3 rounds, dealing 8d4+5 and can corrode equipment reducing their effectiveness
  • Darkness surrounds the victim in a fog of shadow.

Key EventsEdit

  • The Black Dragon was heard of frequently up to Week 16, where Dalamar sent a message to the party requesting its eye. The purpose of the eye, supposedly, is to break a curse on Dalamar.
  • It was hunted and attacked in Week 16 in the Black Water Swamp, where it notably killed Mrs. Mogwoggles I and damaged the Blood-Drinker Longsword and destroyed Bregor's hat. Vincent was rendered unconscious and almost killed in this battle. Many critical roll fails occurred, resulting in Abigael breaking her bowstring and Bregor dropping his bow almost twice.
  • The dragon was severely injured and tried, on multiple occasions, to escape. Bregor, however, refused to let up and used his adeptness at blindfighting to bring down its retreat.
  • The dragon was killed when Dalamar and a shorter black robed figure, teleported next to the injured creature. The shorter figure, revealed to be Uncle Oris, struck the beast with a lightning bolt and killed it immediately before the Week 16 session finished. Nevertheless, the kill was attributed to Bregor.
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