The LegendsEdit

- long ago, bad cleric fought good god, blood is the mist
- supposedly cursed by loss of Harbinger

The DragonEdit

While revisiting the tomb of Mori in Week 33, Kralfort senses a dragon nearby.  The party discovers it to be at the bottom of the lake guarding the legendary sword Harbinger for which they were searching.  After a terrible battle, they retrieve the sword from the bottom of the lake, where it had likely been for ages.


  • The Mist Dragon slumbered under the lake for centuries and is a potential cause of the mist for which the lake is named.
  • Through use of a speak with fish potion the party is able to converse with several of the local fish who prove to have spirited personality as well as helpful knowledge.
  • During the Age of Mist, Dalamar's master Ferris had a tower on the edge of the Black Mist Lake (Dicing with Death 14).
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