Dubbed "Littlefoot" by Vincent.  This Dragonsbane weapon was suspected to have helped rule the Stormtide Kingdom for generations; speaking to and advising the King from its hidden place in the throne.

It is the only Dragonsbane weapon that does not need to be touched directly in order to be heard.

It was being held by the forces of Voraci after the fall of Horus. However, it, like the other two remaining weapons, were stolen during the timeskip and used to exterminate all dragons in the land.

It is currently missing. Vanished along with Lord Morrow.


  • Acts as a +3 spear and deals 2 additional damage dice to dragons.
  • For die rolls of 16-20, clearing the target AC by at least 5 is a critical hit, instead of 18-20.
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user.  It seems a bit more condescending, as it only allowed itself to be removed from the throne if the wielder was deemed worthy.  Vincent was barely able to persuade it.
  • It can sense the other dragon-slaying weapons, but not dragons in general like Kralfort.
  • When slaying dragons it vibrates so fast it creates a sound comparable to singing.
  • Is immune to dragon breath.
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