Tudagub shoes
The Boots of Levitation belonged to Tudagub, being given to him by his father who recieved them after murdering Banon's father. It was assumed that they contained the power of levitation as said by a Wizard of Valesburg, but the power word to activate them was unknown as the creator was dead and Tudagub had no practical means to identify the word. Tudagub attempted to negotiate with Dalamar to work out the power word, but just succeeded in trying the mighty wizard's patience. 

Tudagub then attempted to brute force crack the boots after Dalamar's refusal to help. With dictionary in hand, he spoke as many words as possible to them before going to bed for many weeks, having no success. He then tried to get Bregor to read an elven dictionary for him, as he himself could not pronounce the words with the correct inflection. The boots were incinerated along with Tudagub after his death, much to Banon's dismay.

The power word was reportedly 'Foom-Baba', along with Banon's staff.

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