Sir Brightblade's Longsword

The longsword used by Sir Brightblade in his encounters with the party. It was taken from his corpse in the catacombs beneath the church in Chandar (Citation Needed) Week 9.

The origins of the sword, like its master, remain unknown. It was used by Sir Brightblade in his service as a paladin. The sword helped him acomplish a great feat of beating Vincent in a duel. 

The blade was temporarily given to Bregor in the heat of battle against a horde of goblins in Week 10.  It was returned to Vincent in Week 17, who gave it the name 'Brightblade's Dying Wish.'

The sword was given to a wizard in Atryilla in exchange for a Portable Hole in Week 34.


Gives +2 bonus to hit and damage.

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