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The Bulette, sometimes called a landshark, is a terrifying beast that only lives to eat. It was encountered by the party in Week 4 of Rollplay Solum.


The bulette was first mentioned in the town of Dewrock, where the party heard rumors of the mighty beast having slain the prince of the horse lords, causing the residents of the town to seriously consider abandoning the town to escape the reach of the seemingly invunerable creature. The party resolved to track the creature and put an end to it's life. After a fierce battle, the Bulette was slain by Victarian Black, with the fin and 3 of the beast's scales brought back to a somewhat abandoned Dewrock days later.

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

The bulette may attack three times in a turn with two claw attacks and one bite attack. While it's claws are dangerous it's true power lies in it's bite capable of ripping a man in half with a single attack. The bulette can also jump 8 feet into the air attacking with all four legs. The hide of the bulette is incredibly tough turning aside all but the strongest attacks. One weakness of the monster is it's eye which isn't protected by it's hide.

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