The Chosen OneEdit

The templar, named Joff (secretly Vorus Longborn), asks who the intruders are. Victarian explains to them that they met a templar named who told them to take the child into the town of Raekwon. The templar gets curious and wants to see the child, which Karla shows him. He immediately recognizes the mark, and calls the party to follow him. They arrive at the templars headquarters, where the chosen one has been awaited. The party gets dinner, is given beds and armor and weapons as they desire. The templars tell them about the prophecy, how they fight against the Voraci subtly and that the child is to be taken far to the east, beyond Voraci reach. They don't truly trust the party of doing this so they subject them to go through a test of worthiness. They tell them to rest and prepare, for the test is life threatening. They are to retrieve an object from the end of the crypt that the Templars guard. If they don't succeed, the baby stays with the templars.

Victarian makes new 3/4 plate armor for himself to replace the one destroyed by the rust monster. Jhakri also gets  new armor and Largo gets some arrows. After about a week and a half they descend into the labyrinthine crypt. The templars close the door behind them.

Labyrinth of TerrorEdit

The party starts to head deeper. They arrive at a room filled with statues and meticulously search for traps. Finding nothing they continue north. Smee finds a secret door that leads to a cell of sorts with a bound and gagged woman. Woman claims to the party her name is Serena, and she was imprisoned there by the templars after they took her child, but the party is skeptical being told this whole thing is a test. Serena gets really mad at them for doubting her and finally the party takes her along, with her hands still bind behind her back to lead them. The party comes across and illusionary pit which they jump over.

Arriving at a large chamber ahead, the party sees a golden bracelet on the pedestal. The thieves immediately reach for it, but soon from the waters around the pedestal a huge, smelly abomination of a thing starts to arrive, with six long tentacles, half of which end in horrifying, fanged mouths. The party battles the deep spawn, which proves to be quite an opponent. One of its jaw mouths succeeds in killing Largo by biting his head off. Victarian starts to cut its tentacles off and the creature, having lost its tentacles retreats back into the murky waters. Victarian goes sorrowfully to cover Largo's headless body with a blanket. He then tries the golden bracelet on, but feels a chill as soon as he puts it on, making him weaker. He tries to take it off, but it wont come off...

Battle StatsEdit

Hits Misses Crits Crit
Victarian 15 73 6 5 5 0
Jhakri 13 14 3 4 0 0
Smee 20 8 3 6 1 0
Largo 37 18 4 1 2 0

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