A New JourneyEdit

The party spends the night in the cell of Serena, uncomfortably. The next day, they get back into the chamber where the deepspawn was but cant find the monster anywhere. Jhakri casts remove curse on the bracelet, which can be then taken off much to Victarian's relief. After this the party decides to head back with the bracelet. As they arrive back into the templars keep, Serena vanishes into thin air like a ghost. The guards tell the party she was likely one of the tests set by the templar's god.

The party is introduced to two new templars, Tariq and Dana, who join the group to help them on their journey. They decide to take the land route through the cities, to the east, to Longborn kingdom. The party is also given various magical items and weapons, including a spear which Victarian names "Falice", magical long sword, a new bow and a cloak of elven kind. While leaving old town, the party runs into a group of bandits, and Tariq is nearly downed by a lucky hit to his abdomen. They manage to win though. The party takes a ship to the town of Nail far to the south.

In Nail Victarian shops for some new horses, and then the party heads out, and they also hear rumors of the Voraci being in a state of alert for some unknown reason. They travel along the road to the east encountering some marauding ogres which they kill. 

Battle StatsEdit

Hits Misses Crits Crit
Victarian 2 123 9 2 7 1
Jhakri 31 5 1 3 0 0
Smee 0 51 5 4 2 1
Tariq 28 154 9 2 6 0
Dana 33 34 2 5 1 1

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