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Encounter on the RoadEdit

The party eats some bear meat they got last week. Next day Alice and Largo hear a woman screaming. The party enters a road and sees a group of Orcs with pikes and two Cyclopskin over a trashed caravan. A battle ensues. Alice gets her right arm shattered by one of the cylopskin. After they've killed the enemies the party talks to the only woman survivor left, named Rita. Rita says she and her flock were on their way to south when the monsters attacked and butchered everyone, including her brother. Karla reminds the party they really need to rest at the inn and should go to the nearest town. The party agrees to escort her and Rita to north, to Nogara and they send Largo ahead to scout.

Rest at NogaraEdit


Largo scouts Nogara and find nothing unusual. The party arrives to the town and spends some days at the Inn and Alice gets her right arm amputated so it wont get infected. Rita talks to Karla and leaves soon after. Jhakri buys some pots and starts to make herbs. An orc walks to the Inn and starts to ask some questions about a woman travelling with some bodyguards. One of the patrons gives them a knowledge of someone matching description, but it turns out its not Karla. A group of orcs search the inn and they drag an unknown young woman and her child out. Party looks at this scene depressively. Victarian argues they should help the woman. Largo successfully pickpockets the rich couple for 5 gold. Victarian looks over at the orcs and sees they've already killed the child. The orcs start looking at Victarian and he returns to the inn. Largo continues to pickpocket.

Battle StatsEdit

Hits Misses Crits Crit
Victarian 16 19 2 5 1 0
Jhakri 0 3 1 7 1 3
Alice 18 38 3 2 3 0
Largo 0 43 7 6 4 0

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