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The party spends some time in the town of Nogara and then they move to north, to Jandstone. They encounter some giant spiders along the way, but they are dispatched without too much trouble.

In Jandstone the party ponders where to go next, Largo suggests there's some "friendly" orcs to the west but they may not be that friendly after all. In the end the party decides to journey north to the lands of the horse lords and continue east into the plains behind the mountain range.

Death from AboveEdit

In the plains the party is attacked by a wyvern which almost kills Jhakri, but he manages to escape its grip. Alice then slays the beast with a mighty blow. Jhakri starts to harvest the different parts of the wyvern, paying special attention to it's poisoned stinger. He gets some vials of potent wyvern poison while they are taking a break in Welloak. On their way to the north they pass through a dwarven town of Mokul and meet some horsemen who are suspicious of them. Victarian tries to make up a story, but fails pretty miserably. However the party is let through after paying the toll and ends up in the town of Bylor. They meet with an odd character riding a Pegasus that lands in the middle of the town and falls to the mud but then soon departs after being helped up by Victarian.

Battle StatsEdit

Hits Misses Crits Crit
Victarian 0 22 2 6 0 0
Jhakri 13 0 0 5 0 1
Alice 0 45 3 3 2 0
Largo 0 29 4 3 2 0


  • It was established that ferret jerky became a trend by Abigaël starting a ferret farm selling ferret jerky in honor of Azril Goldoath.

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