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Tracking the TrackersEdit

Getting prepared for a journey to Greyveil and getting to know Smee better, the party heads north, over the open plains and hills. Smee learns of some smelly men and wolves after talking with a squirrel. At the following night, Smee happens to spot something glinting in the moonlight on the opposite hill and asks the party to come and look. They spot about twenty riders on worgs, likely orcs, who seem to not have noticed them. The party continues to travel north where the party sees the same group now sleeping under some trees. They choose to pass by unnoticed.

After traveling a while they notice an elf hanging around with a landed Pegasus. Victarian approaches the elf and informs him of them not meaning any harm, and it turns out this is the same traveler they briefly met in Week 3. He seems to be on a run from the orc group the party saw earlier. The elf introduces himself as a scout from the Longborn kingdom, far to the east, who are currently at war with the Voraci. It is also one of the last bastions of freedom left. The elf learns of the party's mission and suggests they take a sea route to the east, if they tend to take the baby out there. He then departs.

Alcohol and lion centaursEdit

Party arrives into the outskirts of Greyveil. they send Smee and Largo out to investigate the town, where the pair gets wasted and return totally drunk to the party informing them of the high Voraci presence in town. The party decides to make a short stop regardless of the danger, resupplying and then heading to east to another town called Baryn.

The party spot some strange birds in the sky and soon come across a group of strange, lion-centaurs called Wemics. The Wemics inform the party that they are on their land and they each need to pay a toll of 5 gold for passing through. The Wemic trade with cities has dwindled down with the Voraci presence and they need all the gold they can get in these desperate times for bribing the Voraci soldiers away. Victarian notices the Wemics have seen the baby with them and decides not to take a risk and after saying the code word, the party ambushes the wemics, battling them to death. Smee has a close encounter with death, however the party survives and continues eastwards.

Battle StatsEdit

Hits Misses Crits Crit
Victarian 9 46 4 4 0 0
Jhakri 4 9 2 6 1 0
Smee 11 36 5 2 0 0
Largo 18 169 11 2 4 0

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