Stopping at BarynEdit

After defeating the Wemics, the party loots them discovering some gems, a dagger, arrows and extra rations. Jhakri tries to identify Alice's locked box, the baby, and the dagger to see if there anything magical. Only the dagger glows faintly. Victarian goes hunting some squirrels discovering the dagger is a bit more accurate than usual. He then makes squirrel soup for the party.

After arriving to Baryn, the party does various things. Smee and Largo try to con a merchant with the gems they acquired, while Victarian goes looking for a new horse to replace the one killed in the battle with the Wemics. Both attempts fail, as the merchant has little money and the horse keeper doesn't want to sell his horses, cause they are in love, unless both are bought.

Seeking PassageEdit

Smee goes to talk to some people in harbor and asks about the surrounding cities and towns. He learns that the closest large city to the north is Vinderfel. They go at the inn where Smee and Largo try to inquire about anyone going into that direction. One captain seems interested in taking them. As they return to the party's table, Victarian happens to notice a armored man walk into the tavern and chatting with the sailors. He sends Largo and Smee to tail him as the man leaves, while going to the sailors table to buy the passage on a ship called the "Bootlegged Pearl". He also inquires about the man from the barkeep, who tells him that the man is a templar and lots of his kind have been seen going around the northern waters for a while.

Smee and Largo follow the templar and find that he has entered one of the buildings and locked the door. They ponder about various ways of getting in. They fail, only aggravating the templar, who returns to the tavern, rather paranoid. Victarian tells Smee to go tell Largo to check the templar's room while he keeps him busy. Largo doesn't find anything. Meanwhile Jhakri offers opium, which he calls "pipe weed from his land" to the strangers he's spending time with and gets himself in trouble with the local law.

Battle StatsEdit

There were no significant battles in this episode

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