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The Plot[edit | edit source]

The rich magic item collector, a wizard by the name Riker retrieved information that two items he's interested in were recently recovered and then stolen by goblins near the town of Solace. These items were the The Orb of Souls and the Blood-Drinker Longsword

Riker contacted his log time accomplice Hector, who lived in a tower in Solace with his grandson, to retrieve these items from the goblin cave. Hector in turn, knowing he won't be able to retrieve the items on his own, found a group of adventurers to do this job for him, but forged a lie by stating, the items were stolen from his house that was raided by goblins.

The party was able to retrieve the items after some difficulties, but instead of bringing them back to Hector they decided to identify them first using the local Solace wizard's services. Hector, outraged by this turn of events, faked raising a complaint to the Solace mayor, but in the same time, knowing the items at stake were very valuable, used his resources to find a capable local assassin/thief that would retrieve them for him.

Meanwhile Tudagub was able to accidentally destroy one of the items, and then confronted by Hector he confessed that he destroyed both. Hector ordered Lavernica, an elven assassin, to confirm if this is true and to retrieve the items if possible, dispatching of the party if they stand in her way.

Lavernica gathered information on the party and after confirming that they are still in possession of the Blood-Drinker Longsword, she attempted a break-in to the party rooms in the The Tilted Titan tavern. Lucky enough, Abigael was alarmed by the sound of Lavernica's lockpick and woke up the whole party. After a brief chaos of a fight in which Lavernica was able to kill the innkeeper, she managed to escape the party despite their efforts to capture her.

The party unaware of the assassin's motives moved on to another job that involved travelling to Haven, but on the night of their arrival Lavernica stroke again. This time however her deception failed to work, and mostly thanks to Tudagub's cleric powers she was incapacitated and brutally pinned to the floor. She yielded and gave out information on her employer, the wizard Hector. Vincent made a deal with her that would allow the party to attack Hector while he's not suspecting, but due to other obligations they were not able to follow up on that right away.

During their travels they eventually returned to Solace and tracked down the tower Hector lived in. In an epic pirouette Vincent was able to decapitate the wizard before he even uttered a single word. During the canvass of Hector's tower the party found letters that were all addressed to Riker that lives in the city of Windsail

After travelling to Windsail the party first sent Bregor to scout around Riker's house. The wizard noticed Bregor, who played a lie saying he thought this was a magic shop. Riker explained that he is in fact a private items collector, and that none of the items on display is on sale.

The party then attempted to work for Riker to get closer to him, but he was  able to see through their plans and sent them on an errand he thought would be the end of them. The party proved to be harder to kill then he initially anticipated, and so he had to use his invisibility and levitation spells to retreat.

The party then planned to break into his house, but as Riker was in his rights to protect it, he was assigned a group of city guards that made the task all the more difficult. The party was left without options and had to move on. 

In their travels the party fought a black dragon, which damaged the sword with his acid breath, greatly diminishing it's magical properties.

It was later on that Riker decided to contact the party explaining, that his only wish is to obtain the Blood-Drinker Longsword. At first, Vincent responded to that request by sending him a letter containing only a signed obscene drawing. It was later on, when the party was again visiting Windsail, that Riker approached the party. Vincent was anticipating a confrontation at first, but after a conversation it turned out, that Riker is ready to trade for the sword. After exchaning the sword Riker had no more business with the party and the story arc ended.

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