Recap[edit | edit source]


The Adventure Begins[edit | edit source]

Four adventurers, Vincent, Abigael, Bregor, and Tudagub, are sitting around in a tavern when a red robed man approaches them asking for their aid. The wizard tells them that his family home was attacked by goblins, and several important things were stolen from it which he wishes returned. In exchange, he offers the party any currency they happen to find, to which they agree. After some cold showers and attempted theft, the party leaves Solace in search of the goblin camp.

The Goblin Camp[edit | edit source]

Dispatching the preliminary guards at the camp, the group decides to rest having searched the goblin cave and discovering nothing of interest. The group awakens to find goblins surrounding them, and are escorted without weapons or armour to the goblin chief. A period of bartering, trickery, and confusion ensues, ending in the entire party eventually escaping and reuniting back at the Tilted Titan tavern in Solace. With the deadline for returning the items hastily approaching, the party journeys back to the cave to finish their job. After a climactic battle inside and at the mouth of the cave, the remaining goblins surrender to the invaders. However, Tudagub insists upon killing all of the goblins for their poor treatment of himself and the rest of the party. Abigael is eventually able to persuade him to stop, and the party begins collecting the various valuables within the hovel, including a mysterious orb and longsword. Before leaving back toward Solace, Tudagub goes back into the cave alone to finish the goblin chief off without the parties consent.

The Red Wizard[edit | edit source]

As they return to the Tilted Titan they are greeted by the wizard asking about his items. The party decides to retain them until he tells them what the items do. In a huff, the wizard declares them thieves and threatens to report them to the mayor of the town, much to the party's apathy.

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