"Ah, Uncle Oris. At last we meet. "
— Dalamar



This week begins after the battle with assassins on the road to Evenfar with Uncle Oris.

Turing Oris Over to DalamarEdit

After failing to persuade Oris to enter Dalamar's tower and failing to use command 'follow' on him, Vincent and Tudagub drag him inside kicking and screaming. Abigael is remorseful of the betrayal, having grown fond of Oris during their travels. Dalamar greets Oris kindly and the priest seems calmed by his demeanor and joins him upstairs. The wizard dismisses the party with little thanks, implying only that they are even for the mishap with Sir Brightblade.

Deciding Which Path to TakeEdit

After delivering Oris to Dalamar, the party is faced with the dilema of which of several pressing issues to address next. They know of a dragon terrorizing Black Water Swamp . They also know that Istavan Felstar has apparently put a price on their heads.  A visit with Thor Fletcher reveals that the Free Cities are on the brink of war with Palanthas and that rumors implicate Palanthas in the ogre attacks. The party votes to deal with Istavan, Tudagub the only one who wants to fight the dragon.  As they leave town, Abigael is finally talked into putting on her ring and she sees people enslaved through the eyes of a large hateful creature, thus adding another problem for the party to contemplate.

Digging up Dirt on IstavanEdit

On their way to Fitchview , Tudagub stops off in Willowbrook and gives Johnathan another 771 gold. As the party arrive in Fitchview, they ask the bar keeper what the news around town is. The party finds out that Istavan Felstar had been hiring people from the nearby town to be a part of the local forces. Later that day Abigael and Bregor head to the docks, in search of some local mercenaries. After going to several pubs, Bregor spots some mercinaries like the one's who attacked them and after some bribary one of them takes him to another building.

Walking into the building they find another man and after paying him some money, they find out that Istavan Felstar has been the mastermind behind some of the groups appearing around the region. This is including the Hill Giant, that he tasked the party to slay. Sharing this with the party, they decide to investigate the ring to find out if anyone recognizes it.

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