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The Scemes of Lord Istavan Felstar[]

With Istavan Felstar, Lord of the Free Cities, in the west scheming in Fitchview and Uncle Oris delivered to Dalamar, the party travel westwards on a mission of retribution and investigation. With Tudagub and Bregor travelling to Willowbrook to accept aid from Margaret in support against Lord Istavan in retaliation for the assassination attempt, and Abigael and Vincent trevelling to Fitchview to dig up anything they can, they will surely find something.

The entire party pay a visit to the Sketchy Guy who tried to help them, but could not, in gathering much credible information. Vulag Felstar was also approached along with Merlin the Wizard for support, and ultimately the party confronted Lord Felstar in his court with a wizard-verified zone of truth to prevent his lies. It was discovered that Lord Istavan had supported the Ogres and Hill Giant in the destruction of Willowbrook, teamed up with goblins against the towns north of Valesburg and was guilty of sending assassins after the party. However, he was able to turn much of the court against them by bringing up their relation to Dalamar. After the large battle of the court, Istavan was killed by his son Vulag, who was then killed by Bregor and revived by Tudagub.

Negotiations in Valesburg[]

The party then travelled to Valesburg, discovering it under siege from Palanthas, in retaliation for laying claim to towns within their lands. The party was able to easily solve the issue by negotiating with both the army's commander and Thoarar Fletcher, mayor of Valesburg, who retracted claim from the southern towns, saying that he was blackmailed by Lord Istavan, who kidnapped his daughter to force him to lay claim in the first place.

The Searching for the Red Wizard[]

The party then ventured westwards to Solace, seeking Hector, the red-robed man from much earlier in the tale. They found the man and his grandson in a tower south of the town, and there they killed him. As the week drew to a close, Hector's grandson told the party of how his grandfather was in service to someone called Richstar. After going to seek Lord Fletcher's aid for slaying the Black Dragon, the party returned, once again, to Solace.

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