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The Search for Riker[edit | edit source]

After finding that Richstar (officially renamed 'Riker') came from Farhaven, the party travelled northwards, gambling in the intermittent travel period. When they came to the town, they found that Riker had departed the town and that he was a wizard. The party investigated 'friends' of the man, including 'Chigib', who told them that he had moved on up to Windsail when they asked for him. After a few day's travel, they arrived at the large bay-side city and investigated a number of locations, including the gladiatorial combat of the arena. Abigael approached a tanner and requested a baby female ferret before the party was directed to the house of the 'Old Man', which was now occupied by Riker .

Deciding against immediately confronting him, the party went with Vincent to investigate the arena and follow up on the information about Pof, the dwarf slave-master. The party instead encountered a Minotaur in the lower arena and there discussed the concept of gladiatorial combat with the creature. The party then elected Bregor to see Riker alone; when he found that the door was open, Bregor ventured inside and discovered some glass cases containing daggers and glasses.

The Quest to Kill a Beast and the Ambush[edit | edit source]

The party rested and (after a deadly encounter with a drunken Gnome) once again Bregor met with the wizard, receiving a task to slay a 'Leucrotta beast' to the south. After Abigael received Mrs. Mogwoggles I

Mrs. Mogwoggles I

from the Tanner, the party travelled to a town from which they tracked the beast. The party tracked the beast to a rancid shallow cave and slew it outside of its repulsive home. After it lay dead, the party was ambushed by Riker, who revealed his knowledge of the party, and likely their betrayal of Hector. He demanded that Vincent give him the Blood-Drinker Longsword and was angered when Tudagub spoke of The Orb of Souls. The group fought the wizard and his minions until he vanished and the party decided to simply leave.  The party was dealt a great deal of damage from Riker's Black Tentacle spell.  The other offensive spell Riker used was Summon Lizardman.

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