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Yeilla[edit | edit source]

After the party emerged from their battle with Riker, they immediately returned to Windsail . Upon arrival, the group requested that Riker gives them aid in their quest of slaying the Black Dragon, but he obviously refused. Irritated, our adventurers were heading to the local tavern they had been frequenting in Windsail, where VincentAbigael and Bregor met Yeilla, an Elf from the island that was home to both Bregor and Abigael before they escaped. She told the party of the cruel Giants and Ogres that had imprisoned the Elves and explained what our elves had seen through the use of the Magical Ring after Vincent's brief arena escapades. After a brief mentioning of Bregor's grandmother Clarice, the party promised Yeilla that they would help her free the Elves. However, before this the party had various tasks to complete...

The Gladitorial Arena[edit | edit source]

Vincent led the group to the arena, hoping to do some "casual gladiating." Here they were introduced to a Dwarf named Pof. The rather-short man spoke to them and came to an agreement about a gladiatorial combat between Prince Longbourne and the local ogre hero called 'Gurth'. After a short fight, to the dislikes of Pof and the audience, Vincent quite brutally ended the fight and received the small sum of 200 gold for the victory.


A Message from Oris and the Death of a Black Dragon[edit | edit source]

Later that day, the party would go on to receive a message from Uncle Oris about the breaking of a curse and the requirement of a Dragon's eye - the group elected to travel to Evenfar , much to Yeilla's chagrin.

They did this anyway, and soon after arriving they ventured into the depths of the Black Water Swamp, once again, to find a trouble-causing beast.

Through usage of the Dragon Handbook, acquired at Hector's, the party found the Black Dragon in a ruined building, and prepared themselves for probably the hardest battle they had yet to face.

After a long battle and the death of Mrs. Mogwoggles I, Bregor managed to slay the beast using his skill of Blindfighting, causing it to land and perish. Not even a sigh of relief or cry of joy went off before someone appeared next to the fallen DragonDalamar and a mysterious dark-robed figure. The figure held aloft a strange rod and a bolt of lightning fried the dragon's body, ending the session on a mysterious and ambiguous note.

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