After the Battle of the Black Dragon[edit | edit source]

Immediately after the beginning the session, the robed figure was revealed to be Uncle Oris, who now called Dalamar his 'master'. Oris gave his Rod of Lightning to the party before Dalamar drained power from the corpse of the Black Dragon and declared himself to be 'finally free'. The two of them then vanished, leaving the party to salvage all they could from the corpse of the dragon.

Heading to the Isle of the Elves[edit | edit source]

After the group spent much time, along with the townspeople of Evenfar , taking the skin and scales of the dragon, they set off with Yeilla to finally assist her with her troubles of her homeland. Once the group had reached Windsail again, they set off on a boat to the Isle of the Elves in order to release the captive Elves there.

A Battle with Giants and the Loss of a Dear Friend[edit | edit source]

The group fought and slew a random Giant before being ambushed by several more. In the following battle, Bregor shattered the Bow of Theseus and many critical failures were had. Eventually Tudagub used the Rod of Lightning twice on the beastly monsters, but it was to no avail, as he was killed almost immediately afterwards. The remaining party fled with Tudagub's corpse and retreated to Justar's Bay, where the session drew to a conclusive and depressing end.

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