The Burning of Tudagub[edit | edit source]

After deciding that Yeilla had betrayed them, the party attempted to regain some morale after the demise of Tudagub. They burnt the half-Ogre's body (along with his Boots of Levitation) once they had given up on reviving him, and once they had visited the Lighthouse near Justar's Bay.

The Mysterious Mage[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile, a mysterious magi ventured to the Town Hall of Justar's Bay and clashed with the guardsmen there, revealing a magical word 'Fum-Baba', which activated his staff and enlarged him bodily. The magi asked around for the party and was "looking for them", until he arrived at the tavern in which they were staying. The mage bought a round of drinks for the party and bribed the barman to lie about who bought it for them. The mage was seen by Vincent when he made a small commotion by the bar, and the mage was subsequently told to leave by guards. After random antics across town, the party healed up and met the mage at last, finding his name to be 'Banon' and that he was searching for the boots of levitation, which were burnt with Tudagub. At the same time, Abigael sought out an armourer for her new ferret, Mr. Tugwoggles, and met up with the group after Banon had already left. They then received a note from Riker, once again demanding the Blood-Drinker Longsword, but they scoffed at it and respond in a most lewd fashion.

Later, after Banon had returned and more errands were run, the party made a deal with him so he could earn their trust. Eventually they decided on a task from the mayor; to murder the elf Beatrix the harbormaster. They journeyed to her place of work on the docks and there they fought her to the death, with Banon notably ageing himself, Bregor and Vincent by 1 year. The party finished her off and then immediately left town, to await the money drop at the Lighthouse they arrived at prior to the town.

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