The Battle of Justar's Bay[edit | edit source]

After the short interlude between weeks, the party were met by the Lighthouse keeper, who told them that "The Ogres are coming." The group retreated to Justar's Bay and parlayed with the invading brutes. The group of Ogres and Giants coincidentally had Yeilla with them, who Bregor subsequently shot through the mouth. The head of the force, a Mountain Giant, demanded that 'the Elves' be handed over; without giving the city a chance to respond and protect its people, Bregor shot the Giant for a decent hit and so the invasion began.

Many Ogres, Giants and townspeople were killed in the ensuing battle. Notably, the party got very angry with a Priest who refused to fight and then Banon ended up murdering Yeilla after the battle was done, by delivering upon her a coup de gras.

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