Recap[edit | edit source]


That week's starts with the party resting for two days to heal up after fighting the goblins. 

Destroying the Crystal Orb[edit | edit source]

While at the red robed wizard shop in Solace the party attempted to convince him to identify the two objects they recovered from the goblin cave. In result Tudagub breaks the Orb of Souls much to the wizard's fury. Mr. Mogwoggles gave Tudugub a mean look.

Assassin attack[edit | edit source]

On the third night in the 'Tilted Titan' Lavernica attempts to steal the two items for the Red Robed Wizard (Hector ). She was detected by Abigael who wassuped her. The party was trying to chase her, but she finally got away. The party then tried to perform an investigation trying to determine the origins of the assassin.

Travels with Marr[edit | edit source]

The party was hired to guard a caravan of the trader Marr. They set off for Haven, on the way dispatching two Hobgoblins and a couple of Ogres, since they were waylaid by a fallen tree lying in their path.

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