Justar's Bay[edit | edit source]

With the battle of Justar's Bay over and won, the remaining townspeople began to celebrate, both in honour of the party and in happiness for their continued lives. The mayor of the town gladly rewarded the group for their protection, giving them a magical Red Oaken Shield to in turn protect them as well. The mayor also granted Banon access to all spellbooks and libraries in the city, but this did not aid in the identification of the 'minotaur's baguette ', due to a lack of materials (for now). The party lingered in the town for a long period, in which a number of magical items were acquired (fire arrows for Bregor and daggers for Abigael), but otherwise it was predominantly healing and knowledge seeking for Banon . Soon enough, however, the party reunited in order to elect on what to do next.

Returning to the Lighthouse[edit | edit source]

After renting some horses from the town stables, they at last left the place, reaching the (now abandoned) lighthouse just before nightfall, making camp within. Upon the morn, the party saw a ship on the horizon and, when they searched the shore for a means of transport to approach, found numerous abandoned boats filled with Elven corpses. However, one Elf survived and was released from captivity by Abigael's lockpicking skills. Once this was done, the group unanimously agreed to torch the ships to see if those on the ship would notice, in order to see if they were on board, or even alive. They waited a day but there was no reaction, so it was probably abandoned, or so they thought.

The Giant's Boat[edit | edit source]

Taking one of the unscorched boats, the party approached it under Banon's invisibility spell, spending two hours to both row to the boat and to divide Bregor's rope into 20ft pieces for each party member. Once they reached the boat, Abigael gave the all clear and the group entered, soon finding, however, that it was veritably stuffed with Ogres and Giants. The party fought and killed each and every Giant, leaving none left alive on board; with this done, the party went below deck to discover many Elven slaves. While Joseph the Elf Shaman healed Banon, Vincent and the others convinced the Elves to row to shore, where they released the Elves in their entirety, with a mixed reaction from the townspeople of Justar's Bay.

Selia[edit | edit source]

In the last section of the session, the party had retreated into an inn at Justar's Bay, where they were approached by a strange Elven woman with silver hair, who requested help from them. According to her tale, she was, in truth, a Silver Dragon by the name of Selia, and wished to use a Ring of Three Wishes within nearby royal tombs to turn back. In exchange, she would allow the party to have the third wish in the ring.

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