This week begins after the party has accepted the quest from Selia to travel to the King's Catacombs to retrieve the Ring of Three Wishes.

Dealings in Justar's Bay and Departure[edit | edit source]

The party spends some time concluding their dealings. Vincent sells the boat that the giants arrived on to the mayor for 50 gold. They purchase the 14 healing potions that were created for them by the local clergy. Abigael picks up her daggers from the local wizard who identified them as Twin Dagger's of Returning. They buy passage on a departing vessel to Windsail. Along the journey they speak with Selia an learn more about her past.

Encounter with Riker in Windsail[edit | edit source]

While in a tavern in Windsail, Riker approaches them to express that he still wants his Blood-Drinker Longsword.  They first propose a trade of the sword for a +1 bow and 1000 gp, but when Riker detects the damage to the sword he requires they pay him 500 gp and the sword for the bow.  They accept and they give up the sword that they have had since Week 1, thus ending their feud with Riker.

The Dark Path[edit | edit source]

The party killed the holy guards at the King's catacombs after a lot of deliberation, but some ran away, and so the group elected to go to the guard fort nearby and kill them too. Selia had nothing to contribute.

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