Assault on the Camp[edit | edit source]

Arriving at the fort unnoticed, the Vincent , Bregor and Banon attack from the front while Abigael circles around the camp to flank the guards. They are quickly surrounded, prompting Vincent to use the Rod of Terror and lose 1 point of charisma in the process.  As the fear begins to wear off, the guards call for the surrender of the party.  With Bregor down, Bannon paralyzed with fear and himself surround by soldiers, Vincent calls for surrender.

Abigael to the Rescue[edit | edit source]

Seeing the party surrender from her vantage point, Abigael flees and successfully escapes into the surrounding woods. She returns that night, finding only one guard circling the perimeter, and sneaks into the camp. Using her stealth abilities she is able to find and rescue the party undetected. She then goes from room to room silently and slaughters the sizable force of guards in their sleep.

Downtime at the Camp[edit | edit source]

The party decides to spend the next two weeks in camp to rest up from the combat (since they now lack a healer) and await the reinforcing guards who they know to be incoming.  During the downtime, Vincent decides to load a horse with as much armor as it can carry (5 suits) and travel to some of the nearby towns to sell it.  Also during this time, Bregor invents a language consisting only of blinks of his eyelids and teaches it to Abigael.

Tying Loose Ends[edit | edit source]

When the caravan of reinforcing guards finally arrives, luckly just after Vincent's return, the party ambushes them in the camp. The six guards are defeated handily, largely in part of a well placed Lance of Disruption spell from Bannon. They interrogate the final guard, find out that nobody else is coming, and then Vincent ends his life. With all witnesses dead and plenty of time before they will be missed, the party returns to the King's Catacombs.

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