The Kings Catacombs[edit | edit source]

The party, after Abigael's confusing exploits regarding concealing items and Bregor's 'salting' of his arrows, ventured sneakily into the Temple of Felumbra before proceeding to try and eradicate the Giant Slug using invisibility. After Abigael and Bregor punished the slug as it tried to escape up the stairs, Abigael scoring a critical and then an immediate quadruple critical, killing the slug almost instantly. The group proceeded to investigate a number of tombs and crypts, searching for the crypt of King Rike Kelborn, discovering a number of undead on the way. Though there were many crypts, most of which remaining enigmatic due to the party's precaution, the party eventually found the one they searched for.

Within the crypt were four Shadow Knights that fought against the party as Selia attempted to attain the ring. When she finally took it in her hand and donned it, she stated "I wish for the curse upon me to be undone!", resulting in nothing. Selia, shocked, became essentially comatose in grief and shock whilst the party continued the effort against the knights. Suddenly, Banon rushed forward and took the ring in hand as the battle came to an end; as Vincent approached Banon cautiously to retrieve the ring, Banon wished that his father be returned to life, with Vincent failing to strike him in the throat as he intended. The party took quick council and elected that Banon be put to the sword for taking from them that which they had risked their lives for, murdered for and desecrated graves for. Banon gave no defense other than that his father would kill them if they killed him, but Bregor ignored him and immediately slit his throat.

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