Information Gathering in PalanthasEdit

The party spends a great deal of time in Palanthas researching the Green Dragon and wishes.  The party had intention of pursuing the dragon that leveled Evenfar, but first they want to determine how best to use their wish in case the Ring of Three Wishes were to be destroyed by the dragon. Looking for work the party hearing of some goblins in Stoneborough, head out.

Hunting Hobgoblin Raiders Outside StoneboroughEdit

Arriving in Stoneborough they find that goblins have been raiding supply wagons and travellers, from the north and south-east of town. Heading south, the party find a goblin trail. Spotting a tower, the party head towards it. After peppering the goblins, the enemy starts retreating. Bregor quickly tracks them down and see them running towards a cave entrance, after slaying the enemies reports this to the rest of the party. The party decide to watch the cave from a distant, after a time a sizeable force comes out of the cave, two heading towards the party. As the goblins get close, one of them spoots Abigael and informs the rest of the goblins.

After making their way towards the cave entrance, slaying the Orcs a troll emerges. After Vincent slays the troll, Azril animates the dead troll. Entering the cave, the party proceed into a cavern for the troll to be immediately pelted by crossbow bolts. Azril heals the troll forgetting that it damages undead and it falls unconcious. Backing up the party decide to take another route, attempting to get behind the large group of goblins.

Finding the goblins bedroom, Vincent collects a large amount of cloth, sets it on fire and chucks it into the central chamber. The cave starts filling up with smoke, which gives the party the idea to exit the cave while lighting as much stuff as possible as they go. After exciting the cave the party spot another entrance to the cave, blocking the entrance preventing an goblin from escaping.

After a while the smoke stops eminating from the cave and the party decide to investigate. Finding a recent cave in the party decide to regroup to find out where it leads.

Encountering DraconiansEdit

After looking for the area where the cave in was, the party spot a hob-goblin speaking to a lizard-humanoid creature. Abigael attempts to kill the hob-goblin stealthily, but attracts the attention of the lizard man who calls for reinforcements. The party quickly dispatch them.

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