"I wish I could go back ten minutes."
— Vincent Longborn

Losing the Trail of the Hobgoblins[edit | edit source]

The week begins directly after the party's battle with Draconians during their campaign to root out a nearby encampment of Hobgoblin raiders.  They attempt to track fleeing Hobgoblins to their primary encampment but, in a characteristic moment of misfortune, Bregor leads the party astray by picking up the trail of another, unrelated creature.  This prompts the party to return Stoneborough.  They are paid 200 gold for their services in dealing with the Hobgoblin threat and they continue on their way traveling south toward the Emerald Keep.

A Rumour of a Dragonsbane Weapon[edit | edit source]

During their search for information about the Draconians, the Green Dragon and the Brass Dragon , the party first hears of Harbinger (then called "Dragonsbane") from a white-robed wizard.  As they gather information, they decide the best course of action is to seek assistance from the Brass Dragon. The Party Travels to Redwood Reach gets a guide and gets ready for the Desert and then enter the Desert.

Marty Mcfly and Thraxaldor[edit | edit source]

After traveling deep into the Red Desert they spot the dragon Traxaldor flying from a distance.  Failing to attract its attention, Azril informs the party of a plan to use Dimensional Folding to place a portal above the dragon and Bregor quickly volunteers to jump through.  In another display of remarkable misfortune, Bregor misses the dragon entirely and falls from a deadly height.  In an act of foolhardy heroism, Abigael attempts to catch her falling comrade.  They are both killed instantly upon impact, forcing Vincent to use their much debated wish (from the Ring of Three Wishes) to travel back in time and stop this plan from occuring. After using the Rod of Lightning to attract the dragons attention, they discuss the new dangers in the world. They learn from him that dragons are being awakened after centuries of slumber by some unknown force. They are sent by Thraxaldor on a quest to find out if Dalamar is involved in the awakening of dragons.

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