The Rain Storm and the Strange Innkeeper[edit | edit source]

During their travels they encounter a heavy rain storm and seek shelter in an inn in a mostly abandoned small town. There they meet a man named Wart, who feeds them a strange and bad tasting stew and leers at Lisa when he thinks nobody is watching. The innkeeper tells them of a plague several months earlier that killed many of the townsfolk and caused many others to leave. As the night goes on, they begin to experience other strange things, such as seeing cloaked figures wandering around outside. When they go outside to investigate they find their horses missing and a large pool of blood where they had been standing.

The Deserted Mansion[edit | edit source]

Unsure what to do next, they party decides to investigate the supposedly empty manor on the hill where Vincent had spotted a light burning earlier that night. Upon inspection they find no signs of life, only halls and halls of empty rooms. While investigating the second floor, they spot what appears to be a person at the top of the staircase. It smiles an inhuman grin and begins walking toward them, growing taller with each step. They attack and are quickly attacked from multiple sides as more of these humanoid creatures start coming in through the windows. While they fight, Bregor's stray fire arrows ignite several locations on the manor which begins to burn out of control. The week ends as they plot their escape from the burning deathtrap.

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