"If you're looking for poisons I can put you in touch with someone that will get you them, but its going to cost you, and you can't tell them where you heard it."
—Haldor the Ugly Alchemist

Recap[edit | edit source]


Week 3 begins with the party protecting Marr's caravan on the road to Vinyaes.

Hellhounds[edit | edit source]

Shortly into their travels they are attacked by a pack of Hellhounds. They dispatch the Hellhounds with minimal losses, the only casualty being Marr's younger brother.

Dark Times in Vinyaes[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival in Vinyaes they have some strange interactions with a perverted wizard while trying to get the items identified.  While attempting to buy poisons for use in combat, Tudagub is made aware of a local man who will pay good money for some less-than-legal work.  He brings this news to Abigael, whose skillset is most fitted for the work, and she is intrigued.  The two of them enter into a small campaign to kill the local alchemist, Haldor, and dispose of his body discretely. After Abigael befriends and poisons the target, Tudagub carries his lifeless body out of town and buries him in the woods.

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