The Elven KingEdit

The week starts with the party atop the mighty dragon Thraxaldor as he carriers them to the elven homeland I'Yaara Oryn to seek the help of King Loth'Logar against the coming storm of war.  They are met with a great deal of contempt, as the old king is still bitter about the percieved betrayal that he and his elven brethren faced during The First Dragon War.

Lisa's BetrayalEdit

Lisa strides forward the elven king and speaks with him out of the parties ear shot. She reveals that she is the daughter of Lord Feng and wants revenge for the killing of her father. After a small discussion, some insults and stating of the events around her father's death, the king is unimpressed and sends her away to leave the elven kingdom. Vincent's wish to fight her is denied as well.

Quest for the Dragonbane WeaponsEdit

The party is tasked with the retrieval of four weapons that are really powerful against dragons. The first one is found in the Holy City Ember Stone, a mighty warhammer by the name of Kralfort. It is given to Azril. They portal and ride towards Tides End where the next weapon is located, the mighty lance Blood Singer.

Flock of Black Dragon'sEdit

On their way there along the Slumbering Bog the party was attacked by three young black dragons which they dispached of rather quickly. The mother, seeing her children slaughtered, attacks them as well but is dispatched with a lot of arrows out of an obscurement spell by Azril, thanks to Bregor's blind fighting and a lucky dagger to the dragons foot which held him after the dragon had picked him up.

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