"We are a travelling group of champions trying to do the best we can to save those we come across."
—Vincent Longborn speaking to the King of Stormtide

Journey to the Stormtide Kingdom[edit | edit source]

With the knowledge that the spear is the king's chamber, Abigael proposes they view the chamber and later that night portal into the room and search for the spear. As the party travelling, they briefly encounter a pack of eight griffons. As the party a nearing Morning Wood, the party a approached by a pack of seven Centaurs. After convincing the Centaurs that the party are not going to cause any trouble, the party continue on their way. A day later, the party encounter a eight legged golden weasel. After talking to it and feeding it some gold, Bregor nearly gets it to join the party. But as he points out there's more gold in Abigael's pouch it bounds towards her, which Vincent takes this as an aggressive action and hits the creature.

After slaying the creature, Azril notes that if the could extract the gold from it's skin it would be worth alot more than the gold they carry. So Azril opens a portal to Varshkeep and the party step through. Passing through Windsail, Azril purchases a Girdle of Many Pouches. Getting a ferry, the party arrive in Tides End.

Finding the Dragonsbane Spear[edit | edit source]

Vincent decides that the should just be truthful and deliver the information about the evil force that is rising, allowing them entry into the throne room. The next day, the party go to the castle and after stating there business to a guard outside, they are led into a conference room. An emmisary of the king meets with the party, they convey what they know of the Bannerless Army and shows him proof of the dragon threat giving him a tooth of the Black Dragon.

After a few hours later the emissary returns and takes them to the throne room. After Vincent pleas with the king to join them in this fight, the king agree's to send word to the over major powers within the region and discuss this issue further. When asking about information on the Dragonsbane weapons, the king says that even his greatest sage doesn't know anything about it's location. That night the party, dicuss plans and Azril open a portal to the main chamber.

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