The Week begins as the party is teleporting into the throne room at Tide's End after upon completion of planning their heist.

The Great Spear HeistEdit

Upon arriving in the throne room through Azril's Dimensional Folding, the party remains still except for Abigael who uses her sneaking prowess to investigate the throne itself.  Quickly determining that the chair need be lifted, she calls the party over and they lift it off the spear.  Blood Singer resists at first but, after reading Vincent's mind, determines him to be a worthy wielder and releases itself from the dais.  They examine the area for clues but only find carving depicting naval imagery along with a curious scene of a couple copulating carved into the throne itself.  They fail to glean any useful information and promply leave through another dimensional portal into their room at an inn.

City on LockdownEdit

The next day the party finds the city to have been locked down by the king.  Guards arrive at the inn and escort the party to the king, except for Abigael who broke off and blended with the crowd upon seeing the guards.  The king tells them of voices in his head that have helped him rule the kingdom and, after the previous night, are now silent. The party denies all knowledge of this to the king though they privately presume these voices to have been the voice of Blood Singer's telepathic communication that was somehow transmitted through the throne.  After a period of deliberation, the king releases the lockdown and allows the party to leave the city.

High Clerist's Tower Under SiegeEdit

During an otherwise uneventful trek toward Atryllia, the party comes across the High Clerist's Tower under siege by the Bannerless Army.

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