The Battle at the High Clerist's TowerEdit

The party use the dimensional folding spell to get into the High Clerist's Tower and after some discussion with the captain, devise a plan to use this spell to aid them in defeating this section of the Bannerless Army. Azril opens a portal, him and a small brigade of soldiers flank the enemy from behind and heading straight for the siege weapons. The joint effort they manage to destroy the siege weapons, the commander of the army and a spell caster, along with many troops. The remaining forces flee.

Search for the Sword and The Dragon of Black Mist LakeEdit

Heading south towards Atryllia, the party make there way to Black Mist Lake. Searching around the tomb again the party find no sign of the sword. As the party walk behind the tomb, Harbinger says that he sense an evil dragon in the direction of the lake. Heading towards the lake Vincent drinks a Water Breathing Potion and using the Necklace of Cheetah Speed, heads down to the bottom of the lake. Finding the dragon, he strikes it causing massive damage and quickly heads to the surface, waiting for it to follow him. As the dragon surfaces a second time, it sends a great blast of steam which boils Bregor alive in his armour instantly killing him. After Abigael avenges his death by killing the dragon, both her and Vincent go over his body openly grieving about his death.


In Week 33, during the encounter to recover Harbinger from the bottom of Black Mist Lake, Bregor was scalded and killed by the Mist Dragon with blistering water vapor. The party and the fan base took his passing very emotionally

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