"I will miss you, Bregor."

This week begins on the shore of Black Mist Lake directly after the fight with the Mist Dragon and the retrieval of Harbinger from the lake's depths.

Bregor's FuneralEdit

The party constructs a floating funeral pyre for Bregor and then speak a few touching words over his body. They send him out into the lake and set him aflame, along with his elven chain mail, his +1 longbow, and his beargor cloak. Blood Singer is temporarily given to Abigael as Vincent arms himself with the legendary longsword Harbinger. The party departs the lake toward Finbark.

Azril's Homecoming and Crisis of FaithEdit

Upon arriving in Finbark, Azril tells the party he will meet them in Atryllia and uses Dimensional Folding to return to his home town Quantis. At the temple, he attempts again to contact Quantarius, expressing that he is lost and disappointed in the God as well as himself for Bregor's death. Receiving no answer yet again, he renounces his god in a fit of rage. Only after some counsel from his father and the High Priest does he reclaim his holy symbol and decide to earn his way back into Quantarius' good graces. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and he finds himself unable to learn new spells. Estranged from his god and feeling more lost than ever, Azril returns to the party through the use of his last Dimensional Folding spell.

Horus EntersEdit

Abigael and Vincent arrive in Atryllia in a sombre mood. While Vincent is off getting tattoos of lost party members, Abigael proceeds to find a tavern and drink her sorrows away. Horus, who had been asking around about the Bannerless Armies, is directed toward Abigael by a bartender who knows her to be party of an adventuring group. He finds her quite inebriated and, after discussing the armies and the Dragonsbane Weapons, they end up spending the night together in the woods just outside of town. The next day she introduces him to the party and, though reluctant to trust him, they recognize the need for another 'sword arm' and decide to join forces.

Searching for the Dragonsbane Bow Edit

Going to a local wizard to sell the magical weapons, Vincent finds out that the bow was somewhere north-east of the Highvale Mountain Range. After trading the black blade, Brightblades Dying Wish and a few gems for a Portable Hole, the party decide to travel to the Highvale Mountain Range on foot, to allow Horus to prove himself. The party set off on their journey,

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