"We're leaving from this town with my friend, and that was always going to be what would happen."
—Prince Vincent Longborn

Recap[edit | edit source]


The Arrest of Tudagub[edit | edit source]

Week 4 begins with the party leaving Vinyaes after a short stay during which Abigael and Tudagub murdered Haldor the Alchemist.  Shortly after departing the party is approached by a group of mercenaries who have been sent to apprehend Tudagub. The soldiers seem too powerful to fight and the party is willingly escorted back to Vinyaes where Tudagub is immediately imprisoned.

A Duel, Hostage Taking and The Great Escape[edit | edit source]

After a failed attempt to escape, Tudagub vehemently pleads innocence during his trial but Lord Feng is able to produce numerous witnesses that can implicate him.  Vincent convinces the lord to allow him to stand in for Tudagub in Trial by Combat by revealing that he is a prince and heir to the Longborn Kingdom. Vincent loses his duel with Sir Belor and Tudagub is sentenced to death.

In response to the sentencing, the party attacks the Lord and his men.  They are able to escape the town by holding Lord Feng hostage, who the guards did not know was already dead.  They are pursued on horseback but quickly dispatch their pursuers, mostly due to an incredible shot by Bregor. Having lost their only contract and becoming fugitives, the party travels cautiously and contemplates their next move.  The week ends when the party discover Willow Brook in flames and being raided by Ogres.

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