Fenric arrived in Marmaan in order to make a deal with Chase for a book. Upon arriving in the local tavern, The Goofy Dog, he is informed by Gitech that Chase is rumoured to be dead, though Gitech is not so sure that's true. Later Fenric finds his body in the sewers and has him identified by an earring. Fenric picked up a book from him but it turns out it was another book. Upon returning to the location of his body it is no longer there.

Key EventsEdit

  • Killed by the spear of a Lizardman, in the Sewers, before the campaign began.
  • His body was gone when Fenric reached the location of his body the second time.


  • Was dead before the campaign began.
  • Was in an on off relationship with Cookie.
  • His local haunt was The Goofy Dog.
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