Cookie is a character Fenric met in Marmaan while looking for Chase. Her brother Gitech brought Fenric to meet her as she and Chase were in some form of relationship. She informs him that Chase had a lair in the sewers. Cookie takes him to the sewer entrance and waits for him to return. She identifies a corpse as Chase by the earring Fenric returns with. Cookie is quite taken with Fenric ,or his potential wealth, and asks to be taken to Elmstead when he leaves. Later she tries to prevent Fenric and Gitech from exploring in the sewers but eventually allows them to pass. On their return she identifies that the book Fenric returned with was not the prized book he had planned to trade. She then is given a gold coin to buy liquer and buys a new dress with the gold.

Key EventsEdit

  • Week 1 met Fenric and told him of Chase's lair in the Sewers.


  • Was in an on off relationship with Chase.
  • Is Gitech's sister.
  • Has 16 hotness.
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