The Creepy Wizard was found by Abigael in the town of Vinyaes. He made a deal with Abigael with some pretty seedy terms, and had a rather serious preference for Elves (regardless of sexuality). The deal was that Abigael would trade this seedy offer for identifying the party's magical items, including the jewelry and the Blood-Drinker Longsword. Abigael attempted to coerce a 'slutty' looking woman named Alicia into doing the seedy activies, but that ended in failure. Soon afterwards, Bregor was affected by Tudagub's Command Word 'Strip' and hilarity ensued for a minute, involving much fondling.

However, once the spell wore off, Bregor deflected the affections and instead traded all but 1 of the scavenged Hellhound teeth for the identification of the sword.


  • On the short occasion that he met Tudagub, he did not like him much at all.


  • "I have to go get my magic staff ..."
  • "Well it... gah... well it's a good sword just take it... well it has an enchantment that only works when in contact with blood- gah, I'm sorry I will need to look at my notes again; I was distracted by your body."

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