Solum dana by stevenoble197-d7epz1w

by Steve Noble

Summary Edit

Dana Moonsong is a companion of Tariq from the order of templars, who joined the group along him to escort the baby to the Longborn kingdom. She is a beatiful lady who captured Victarians interest during the journey, as Victarian constantly flirted with her with mixed results. Dana is a skilled fighter and healer.

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Death Edit

Dana attended the dinner party celebrating the capture of the Voraci general, where she and the rest of the companions were betrayed by Prince Zeldir of Aros. Dana was decapitated by the bodyguard of the Prince right after she saved Victarian from death by healing him. Victarian soon avenged her death by killing the bodyguard. Dana's body was left in the castle as Tariq solemnly gave her the last rites and removed her holy symbols.

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