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The displacer beast is a magical creature that resembles a puma with two powerful black tentacles growing from its shoulders. Very rare, they stay far from human habitations.

The displacer beast has the blue-black coloring of a dark panther, and a long cat-like body and head. Females range in length from 8 to 9 feet, and weigh 450 pounds; males are 10 to 12 feet long, and weigh up to 500 Lbs. They have 6 legs. Tentacles are tipped with rough horny edges that can inflict terrible wounds. Their eyes glow bright green, even after death. Their main advantage in combat is their magical power of displacement, which allows them to appear to be some 3 feet from their actual location.

Displacer beasts hate all life, and will sometimes kill purely for pleasure. Fierce and vicious as they are, however, displacer beasts never fight among themselves. The pack is a well-run and highly efficient killing machine. When encountered in packs, displacer beasts are more than a match for many large creatures and have been known to make a meal of orcs, goblins, and bands of men. Any creature entering their territory is viewed as potential prey.

Rollplay Solum Edit

On Week 31 it was revealed that Lady Felicity had bred displacer beasts and released them around the countryside into the woods to keep the populace in terror and more clinging to the voraci who would "protect them" from the monsters. This apparently included the one that confronted Jhakri.

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