For the the Voraci General, see Lord Ferrus.

Ferris of the Black Robes was a Human Wizard during the Age of Mist who discovered the secret to living beyond his natural lifespan.

During the Age of Mist he met the undead Dwarf, Balrog Blacksteel, who had lost his soul, but was healed by the Negative Material Plane. Dalamar has the process repeated for his slaves. During this time period, Ferris's Tower was located near Black Mist Lake and had pet manticores.

During the Age of Might, Ferris had an elven lover named Selia, who ended up exiled from the elven homelands for loving a human of the black robes, and they live in Valesburg. However in the town of Jaderun, Ferris was seen wearing Red Robes (Solum Week 43). In Jaderun, Ferris travelled with a party of adventurers to a magic circle north of the town. At the magic circle Ferris meets with Balrog the Dwarf, who tells him that "the Guardians of the Vale have been asking for Ferris". Ferris teleports away with Balrog to a "Tower of Wizardry", presumably the one in Valesburg. Later Selia meets with the same party and takes them with recruiting a elf from the Crown Sands desert named Raszagal.

During the Age of Iron, Ferris visited the land of Arcadia and took the Staff of the Magi from the crypt of the wizard Mohamda in Akuba. (Hardcore Heroes Episode 47).

One day assassins attacked Ferris, Selia, and his apprentice Dalamar. The 3 survived the assassins, but Dalamar was wounded. The badly wounded Dalamar, jealous of Selia's strong bond with Ferris, tricked Selia into being polymorphed into a Silver Dragon with a command of "kill everyone". Ferris was able to undo the spell before she unmade him, but it left her mind in tatters. Selia fled from Ferris and Dalamar.

According to Selia, herself and an unnamed black wizard put an end to Ferris. Selia at the time believed she was really a silver dragon and that Ferris had cursed her into the shape of a elf.

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