Anduin Lothar

Fredrick Brightblade

(note: the name 'Fredrick Brightblade' is a name that was created out of fiction, there is no known reference as to if he is related to Sir Brightblade or if fredrick is even his name, for his name is unsaid, and perhaps will always remain a mystery).

(massive spoilers for week 39, read at your own risk)

Fredrick Brightblade is the right hand of Valzeus and is the very man who slew Vincent longborn (albeit severly weakened due to the removal of his breastplate and being gravely injured from the captain's 'left hand'), finished off Azril Goldoath (being beheaded after he was knocked out by Valzeus) and single handedly killed Horus swell as nearly defeating Abigael Aidelbaum during her desperate escape from Rivervale, leaving her severely injured and forcing Abigael into an untimely retirement. From here, it can be assumed, with Valzeus's head split in half by an arrow fired from horus's bow and the complete destruction of Bregor's boys; with praise later gained from claiming 3 of the 4 dragonsbane weapons and many more magical artifacts, Fredrick may be promoted to the rank of captain, taking on the responsibilities of his now deceased superior; or perhaps becoming the direct lieutenant of Uncle Oris himself. in either case, Fredrick Brightblade will forever be hated as the man who annihilated the greatest threat the armies of Voraci has yet to encounter.

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