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Ghoul - David Griffith

Ghouls are undead creatures, once human, who now feed on the flesh of corpses. Although the change from human to ghoul has deranged and destroyed their minds, ghouls have a terrible cunning which enables them to hunt their prey most effectively.

Ghouls are vaguely recognizable as once having been human, but have become horribly disfigured by their change to ghouls. The tongue becomes long and tough for licking marrow from cracked bones, the teeth become sharp and elongated, and the nails grow strong and sharp like claws.

Combat Edit

Ghouls attack by clawing with their filthy nails and biting with their fangs. Their touch causes humans (including dwarves, gnomes, half-elves, and halflings, but excluding elves) to become rigid unless a saving throw versus paralyzation is successful. This paralysis lasts for 3-8 (2+1d6) rounds or until negated by a priest.

Any human or demi-human (except elves) killed by a ghoulish attack will become a ghoul unless blessed (or blessed and then resurrected). Obviously, this is also avoided if the victim is devoured by the ghouls. Ghoul packs always attack without fear. These creatures are subject to all attack forms except sleep and charm spells. They can be turned by priests of any level. The magic circle of protection from evil actually keeps ghouls completely at bay.

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