Giant Slug

Giant Slug

Found and fought within the King's Catacombs, it guarded the entrance to the cave. Giant slugs are huge, omnivorous mutations of the small and benign garden slugs. Their highly developed mouths are capable of chewing flesh as well as plants, and they spit a highly corrosive acid on their food. Most giant slugs are pale gray, with dead white underbellies. They are commonly found in forests, dungeons and jungles and this particular slug seemed reluctant to leave the catacombs.

This particular slug was slain with extreme speed and prejudice when Abigael and Bregor shot it at range, with Abigael striking it with a single critical followed by a quadruple critical.


Giant slugs can be found in any wet and dark environment, including deserted dungeons, swamps, and rain forests. Giant slugs are solitary creatures and speak no language. They are barely sentient, exhibiting only rudimentary instinctive reactions when confronted.


No one has ever found a good use for giant slugs, except maybe as huge garbage disposals. They have no known predators. They will eat anything -- plants, carrion, garbage -- but prefer warm, living flesh when they can catch it. Since giant slugs have such huge appetites, they rarely attack smaller creatures, such as squirrels and monkeys, which they have a hard time seeing anyway. Even on a good day, they must usually supplement their feedings with some vegetation. Normal slugs have a nasty reaction to salt when it is sprinkled on them. They dry up and die in 1d4+1 rounds. It is unlikely that this technique is adaptable to the giant variety. For now, giant slugs remain a very real danger in jungles, forests, and dungeons everywhere.

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