Gilfas is an elven merchant who lives in Valesburg. Abigael tried to use a love potion, which was actually fake, to swindle expensive elven chainmail from him. He seemed to dislike people who were not elves.

He was initially charmed by Abigael's friendliness. At the local tavern, he met the motley party and was taken aback by their behavior. A curious and mischievious Tudagub danced and waved his hands to cast Zone of Truth as he started asking intrusive questions about Abigael's magic box. Bregor, who was in on the potion plan, suddenly picked up Gilfas over his shoulder and carried him out the door in a misguided attempt to escape the truth zone and keep the plan intact.

Ultimately, Gilfas had no interest in loaning Abigael the armor and broke ties with her because her dangerous lifestyle was too different from his own. Abigael blames Tudagub for the break up.

He was seen again in Week 24, when Bregor intended to purchase armour off of him, mainly so that Abigael may see him again. At the time, he had a wife, who was a 6.5/10 and she was really quite friendly, making tea for the customers.

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