8 Legged Golden Weasel

The Gold Gorger was an Aurumvorax encountered by the party during Week 31 in the hills on the way to Barrie. Bregor made an attempt to tame the seemingly docile creature after some prompting from the party and with the help of a 'Speak with Animals' potion.

After inquiring about the creature's name and whether it wanted to travel with the party, the Gold Gorger asked Bregor if he had any gold. Bregor eventually threw the creature a golden coin, and then witnessed it being completely devoured by Gold Gorger.

Bregor then told the Gold Gorger that Abigael had a lot more of those, after which, the Gold Gorger rushed towards Abigaël (who gleefully welcomed the now aggressive creature). Unaware of the creature's intent since Bregor was speaking to it in it's own language, Vincent believed it was attempting to attack Abigaël and decided to swing his sword at the creature, only to be nearly killed by its retaliation of gorging on his leg. Fortunately, the party was able to slay the creature before it managed to kill Vincent.

After the Gold Gorger's death, the party took its carcass to Varsh Keep by means of Azrils dimensional folding, and there sold it to one of the local blacksmiths for a total sum of 4,000 gold coins. The gold was split evenly amongst the party members.


A strange weasel like creature weighing about 500lb who and greatly enjoyed eating gold to the point that the mention of it sends it into a fury. It's hide is tough and difficult to cut and it's fur is difficult to bend as it took some effort for Bregor to pet it.

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